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Pilot’s Handbook, Maintenance manuals, Service  Bulletins and all other appropriate information for the Continuing Airworthiness of the aircraft can be found in these pages.  

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The list below shows details of Engineers authorised by the CAA to work on the Rotorsport  aircraft airframe.

It is the aircraft owner’s responsibility to ensure that any engineer has the relevant qualifications, approval and insurance.  Always check that the engineer’s CAA authorisation is valid and that they have received the appropriate airframe training from AGC (ie certificate that details the specific airframes).

Technical Support

             Authorised Engineers



Woodcomp prop servicing


Mike Cummings

Mobile unit

07496 093967

Steve Cooper

Rufforth Airfield, York

07951 019971

Peter Davies

Preston, lancs

07533 663599

John Hereward

Mobile unit

07917 153 543

Chris Draper

Rochester, Kent

01643 270 780

Ben Faulkner

Aerofab, Bourne Park

01264 736635

Malcolm Howland


01673 885111

Mark Lhermette


01227 750 328

Nick Seymour

East Anglia

07774 195 103

Gary Masters


07976 707855

Kai Barnett

Chiltern Park

07801 430902

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EASA Airworthiness Directives.

Continuing airworthiness is the process by which an aircraft is kept airworthy and compliant to the requirements of its permit to fly or certificate of airworthiness.  For a Permit aircraft continuing airworthiness may be the responsibility of the owner/operator or may be delegated to a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO).  An aircraft operating under a CofA must be managed by a CAMO.

Continuing Airworthiness consists of -

Compliance to Continued Airworthiness information provided by AutoGyro Certifications Ltd (Service Bulletins, SILs, Manuals etc) on the owners pages

Compliance to the requirements of regulatory bodies ie CAA and EASA (Airworthiness Directives etc) - see websites

Checking and complying with Service Bulletins issued by component manufacturers such as Rotax, IVO.

Checking and maintaining the aircraft in accordance with the aircraft maintenance manual and pilots handbook

Annual renewal of the PtF Certificate of Validity or the CfA NARC which involves annual inspection and possibly a  flight check - more information on the Annual Renewal page

Note that Mandatory Permit Directives (MPDs) are not issued by AGC and it is not AGC’s responsibility to keep owners informed about them.  They should be checked via CAA website on a regular basis.

Continuing Airworthiness